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Spirit Sisters: True Life Stories of the Paranormal (Audio Book) - Karina Muchado

Spirit Sisters was inspired by the scores of women who would preface their stories with, ’I’ve hardly told anyone this, but…’ The journalist would scratch the surface, and their stories would tumble out; they’d given up the ghost, so to speak.
In Spirit Sisters you’ll meet Australian women of all ages who share their very personal encounters with the supernatural. From a high-flying banking executive whose life changed forever after a visit from a bizarre winged entity to a mother of seven who was held and soothed by her husband five days after she’d buried him to the woman who lost most of her family in one car accident, this audiobook is heartbreaking, inspiring, scary and comforting.
In an age when psychics are called the new therapists and buying your own high-tech ghost-hunting equipment is just a click away on eBay, this audiobook is a celebration of the one thing that hasn’t changed in hundreds of years.
When a friend draws close, lowers her voice and begins to tell you her ghost story, as her eyes widen and her smile fades, as the very air around you seems to thicken and the back of your neck begins to tingle…isn’t it delicious?

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