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My 20 Golden Rules - Jason Shon Bennett

Health researcher and author Jason Shon Bennett will visit Nelson to lead a seminar on improving wellbeing and increasing energy and longevity.

The secret to health and longevity lies in the habits of centenarians around the world, says health researcher and author Jason Shon Bennett.

Bennett will visit Nelson next week to promote his book, My 20 Golden Rules to shed light on how those around the world live long lives in good health.

“It has nothing to do with genetics, it’s all about what you do every day,” said Bennett.

He cites research on elderly citizens on the islands of Okinawa, Japan, Sardinia in Italy and the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica and their habits.

It is interesting that there is no communication between these groups yet they all have shared commonalities, said Bennett.

“They all do similar things, most of them eat about 90 per cent plants and are vegetarian based. They eat less than we do.”

My 20 Golden Rules is Bennett’s second book.

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