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Forgotten Heroes - Jill Mather

The Australian Waler Horse.

The story of the famous Australian Waler horses is one that records with pride the remarkable journey this original stock horse made from a domestic animal to a war horse without equal. The Boer War and World War I saw thousands shipped overseas and only the advent of mechanization in 1940 saw the horse decline from military use.

This book does not only sing its praises, but tracks its worldwide reputation as a horse without equal. You will read about the logistics and answers to questions such as the huge problems associated with the horse lines where hundreds of horses were picketed row after row in Egypt and in France; of the heavy horses that pulled the gun carriages and hauled ammunition and stores. So often forgotten, yet their contribution was vast. Yes, they were the Walers.
Who supplied the saddlery?
What happened to the refuse?
Who looked after injured and sick horses?
Where did the fodder come from?

All this and much more as today’s heritage horse owners tell their stories.

This is a book you won’t be able to put down and in the reading you will gain not only a great compassion for this brave horse, but you too will want to help preserve and protect the less than 1% of the decendants who exist in Australia today.

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