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Angel Therapy Oracle Cards - Doreen Virtue

It’s time to take back control of your life

Like the unicorn in the image on a card, you may be feeling trapped. Perhaps you’ve relinquished control to someone else, or maybe you feel smothered in your career or relationship. As you tune in to yourself, you’ll sense the specific areas where this message applies to you. You can even ask yourself, “In what ways do I feel limited or constrained?” Trust the answers you receive!

This card comes to you from the Romance Angels because they’ve heard your call for great love. To experience passion, though, you must first allow yourself to feel deep emotions. In doing so, you may come up against areas of your life where you harbor discontent. Simply by acknowledging these areas, you bring light to the situation and allow room for the angels to help you.

As you commit to taking back control of your life, your feelings will naturally thaw and reawaken. This leads to a greater capac­ity to love yourself, your partner, and your experiences.

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