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Additive Alert - Julie Eady

Australia today is facing a health crisis such as we have never seen before. Rates of asthma, cancer, obesity ADHD and behavioural disorders in children are all alarmingly high. What is happening and what can we do to safeguard our own health and the health of our children? Our diets must be part of the problem and fixing our diets must be a large part of the solution.

The use of food additives in our everyday foods has increased so rapidly over the past 50 years that is getting increasingly difficult to find foods which are additive free. What is most concerning is the fact that there are many food additives used in our foods which are known to be harmful. Many are known to be bad for children and asthmatics, many are not recommended during pregnancy and some additives are banned overseas and yet still permitted for use in Australian foods. Additive Alert will tell you quickly and easily which ones you need to avoid, and why.

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