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The Book Seat is an original invention first conceived in 2002.
Being the original and first of its kind, the simplicity and flexibility of its patented design allows it to accommodate different sized books and devices.
The Book Seat will comfortably hold text books, novels, tablet computers, electronic readers as well as gaming and entertainment devices.

Tablet computers need not be removed from their covers to work perfectly well in The Book Seat.
Its brilliant yet simple design means there are no clumsy straps or fasteners to hold your reading material.
The Book Seat’s unique shape allows a book to be supported properly as well as providing a ventilation path when used with devices like an iPad.
This ventilation can assist in a tablet PC running at a cooler temperature compared to a product which may restrict airflow around the rear of a tablet device.

The foam bead filling of The Book Seat allows it to be placed on different types of surfaces.
It will sit comfortably on your lap, in bed, on a table or the arm of a lounge chair. It will even support your book on the uneven surface of a sandy beach!
The Book Seat makes reading more comfortable than ever before, no more cold or aching hands and arms.